Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary has recently came into a huge financial problem. With the many new rescues and their extensive veterinary costs we are VERY close to being out of veterinary funds which will mean we cannot take on anymore extreme condition cats or kittens. This is NOT what we want to do so we are reaching out for your help! In order to continue to keep rescuing cats and kittens we are looking for financial help with veterinary costs. We have many surgery’s for our rescues coming up shorty. FUJI will need the 2nd half of his teeth removed, Onyx is going in for hip surgery on Aug 29, Peaky (our newest rescue) was flown in on extreme emergency due to the umbilical cord wrapped around his leg which has been under developed and will need to be amputated when age appropriate. We have also brought in many kittens with upper respiratory infections that have needed treatment with expensive antibiotics and fluid treatments. We are in desperate need for help.  Anything and everything helps. We need your help so we can help more cats and kittens that come into our care. Thank you for your time and please consider donating to our rescue.